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Past - Present - Future
“I Wonder...?”
“Only when lions have historians will hunters cease being heroes.”
African Proverb

A remembrance from then, to now and into our future ...

33 years past, as a significant contribution to the first historic European Black Cultural Festival, Black International Cinema Berlin was created and presented on Welserstraße at the Arsenal Cinema, under the tutelage of Erika Gregor and Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre.
Through the international experiences of filmmakers from everywhere, the term Black became defined as intercultural, international diplomacy and was open to all!
And so once more, during May 11-13, 2018, presenters through film, art exhibition, seminars and publications offer their view points during the XXXIII. 2018 Black International Cinema Berlin / “Footprints in the Sand?” ExhibitionBerlin 2018.

This year‘s leitmotiv is initiated with “I Wonder ...?” and later raises questions which address a wide range of socially relevant issues, with the complex question, “What do we learn from the past and present for today and the future?”
The examination of the past should always bring a critical assessment for Europeans of the colonization periods and their far-reaching consequences: wars, flight, migration, xenophobia, racism, exclusion of various population groups, anti-democratic sentiments, economic imbalance, endangerment of a peaceful and cooperative coexistence. The Black International Cinema Berlin intends to stimulate a discussion of these issues and also contribute to changing the perceptions of people from the African Diaspora and marginalized groups.

I Wonder...?

we and they

Might, will

From our

For now


What, When and If...?

Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith


“I wonder...?”

Perhaps we wish, dream of societies here and there, where zero discrimination existences have become reality!
So far, no such fairy tales have arisen.

“I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won‘t if I don‘t...” - Oscar Brown Jr.

I had the great fortune to have a father, John Willis Griffith and a mentor, Oscar Brown Jr., who by the grace of God, parents, character, intelligence, determination and vision, enabled them to march and sometimes stumble across years of good, great and sometimes not so stunning fortune?
This caused them and many others, known or unknown, to achieve upward levels of improved lives, both here and elsewhere! Including myself.
The interesting experiences of here-there, now and perhaps later, are realities of our existence, as we attempt to achieve societies where peace, respect and sometimes love, is a formula for consistent human appreciative co-existence.
The challenges of arrival and maintenance of enduring and blissful human encounters through times and living closely, bring warmth and views of constant bright tomorrows!
These experiences arrive through ongoing and neverending effort, determination, vision, education and yes, good, great fortune!
No discrimination today, tomorrow, next week or ever!?
I remember Professors speaking of Holiness, which provided the universe, including earth, our current homeland.
After considerable effort, it was decided the earth required care takers and hence, humankind was created and anointed with a special gift, entitled rationality.
The ability to think, reason and conclude!
Hopefully constructively!?
After these considerable creations, the earth care takers were brought to the fore and now, it was and is, our turn to bring and maintain the blessings of care takers and improvers!
In some cases, there have been improvements, but quite often, they were accompanied by costly and minute advances!
The earthly arrangement is set and as we yearn for peaceful, fruitful advancement, we as human beings, must arrange for a zero discrimination existence, now and forever!
I, we and others, are still waiting!?
This is our zero discrimination saga.

We look forward to sharing with you and yours.
Welcome to the XXXIII. Black International Cinema Berlin 2018.

Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith

"I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won´t if I don´t..." - Oscar Brown Jr.
"Mankind will either find a way or make one." - C.P. Snow
"Whatever you do..., be cool!" - Joseph Louis Turner
"Yes, I can...!" - Sammy Davis Jr.
"Yes, We can...!" - Barack Hussein Obama
"Yes, we can and Yes, we better...!" - Barack Hussein Obama and Donald Muldrow Griffith


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