XXXV. 2020 Black International Cinema Berlin
Transnational & Intercultural Diplomacy
An International Media Project (UNESCO 2011)

A Complexion Change

“Despite All…?
Challenges…? Yes!
Obstacles…? No!
Accomplishments…? Yes!
Despite All…!”

“Only when lions have historians will hunters cease being heroes.” - African Proverb

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away
(King James Bible, Job 1:21)

As we are aware, many persons have been granted a great deal, other persons, less so.
Some persons, considerably less so!
A “stumble” a few years ago, bestowed an unimaginable circumstance upon a country and the world.
This had not been expected or hoped for by many, but nevertheless, it became necessary to proceed with prayers and fingers crossed, that eventually, all would be well or at least, sort of, well, alright, calmer maybe?
Varying opinions remain internationally as to how well the shape of many matters evolved, but however, the Lord has taken away or it may be said, many persons have recently taken away, what happened several years ago.
We observed the “stumbles” preceding Prayers for a constructive conclusion to this mis-adventure and hoped eventually, the next “challenge”-election would bring about a substantially improved societal relationship at home and abroad.
Some say, the situation could not have been worse, as matters now stand?
Other persons disagree?
But some appreciated and others were underwhelmed by what the “Lord” and His-Her earthly creations provided during the 2016 beginning, but very much respect and appreciate what has now been provided in 2020, with effort, prayers and hope for a timely and substantially improved peace, prosperity and harmony at home and across the earth.
The Lord and many persons have provided a hoped for, New Day!

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I warmly welcome you to the 35th edition of Black International Cinema Berlin 2020, an international and intercultural diplomacy approach based on media and art, presented by Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre.

Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith

"I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won´t if I don´t..." - Oscar Brown Jr.
"Mankind will either find a way or make one." - C.P. Snow
"Whatever you do..., be cool!" - Joseph Louis Turner
"Yes, I can...!" - Sammy Davis Jr.
"Yes, We can...!" - Barack Hussein Obama
"Yes, we can and Yes, we better...!" - Barack Hussein Obama and Donald Muldrow Griffith


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