“Only when lions have historians will hunters cease being heroes.” - African Proverb



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Transnational and Intercultural Diplomacy
An International Media Project (UNESCO)




Great Replacement* versus Great Cooperation
* "Le grand remplacement", by Renaud Camus

A, Our, No One's
Great Replacement
Cooperation = Harmony = Progress = Present + Future Development

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"Onward and Upward, No Matter What – Always!" - Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith

"I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won’t if I don’t…" - Oscar Brown Jr.



Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre presents 36. Black International Cinema Berlin 2021 / “Footprints in the Sand?” ExhibitionBerlin 2021 in association with THE COLLEGIUM - Forum & Television Program Berlin, Cultural Zephyr e.V., CrossKultur 2021 and in cooperation with ALEX - Offener Kanal Berlin (Open Channel Berlin).

Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre and Black International Cinema Berlin became partners during the creation of the first European Black Cultural Festival in 1986 and since this creative and inspirational occasion, continued their international, intercultural diplomatic film, seminar, dance, music, art exhibition and publication presentations annually in varying forms since the historic 3 week birth in West Berlin. This developmental creation occurred during our and others formative political, social, educational, economic and artistic times.

Once again, for the 36th time, in November and December 2021, we will share the creative vision of our filmmakers in association with artistic contributions through our exhibition “Footprints in the Sand?” ExhibitionBerlin, with a local, national and international audience.
"Onward and Upward, No Matter What – Always!" is the theme for this year, accompanied by our long time Chicago mentor, Oscar Brown Jr., "I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won´t if I don’t…".

We continue our support, belief and long time practice of cooperation with CrossKultur and "Tempelhof-Schöneberg in Motion", which equals PROGRESS, today, tomorrow and hence forth.
Thank you for joining and supporting our vision for more egalitarian societies, world wide.

Prof. Donald Muldrow Griffith

"I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won´t if I don´t..." - Oscar Brown Jr.
"Mankind will either find a way or make one." - C.P. Snow
"Whatever you do..., be cool!" - Joseph Louis Turner
"Yes, I can...!" - Sammy Davis Jr.
"Yes, We can...!" - Barack Hussein Obama
"Yes, we can and Yes, we better...!" - Barack Hussein Obama and Donald Muldrow Griffith


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